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Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney 

As a Florida Prosecutor, Richard Kibbey never lost a felony case

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Notable Case Results

In 2020 Richard Kibbey was the first attorney to win the suppression of Asian spa videotapes

This victory used by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft's attorneys to suppress his video from evidence too. Richard's successful arguments regarding invasions of privacy by the police was the centerpiece which prompted the dismissal of hundreds of Asian spa arrests. 

Complete acquittal of Orlando police officer indicted by the federal government

The police officer was indicted by the federal government for identify theft and criminal tax conspiracy charges. Richard Kibbey had the law enforcement officer acquitted after the first trial ended with a hung jury. 

Not Guilty Verdict 

Richard Kibbey delivers a not guilty verdict for a woman charged with the stabbing and murder of her husband. 

Dismissal of Murder Charges

A woman accused of beating her husband to death is granted a complete dismissal of murder charges alongside Richard Kibbey. 

Dismissal of First-Degree Murder Charge

A husband accused of murdering his wife by running her over with a truck is granted a dismissal of a first-degree murder charge after the first trial ended with a hung jury. 

Acquittal of Law Enforcement Officer 

A police officer charged with raping a woman he stopped for a DUI received a full acquittal.

Acquittal of Man Accused of Sexual Battery

A man charged with the sexual battering of two neighborhood teens was granted full acquittal.

Acquittal of Two Fathers Accused of Sexual Battery

Two fathers who faced charges of sexually battering their daughters were granted complete acquittal with the assistance of Richard Kibbey's extensive criminal defense experience. 

Federal Probation for Bussinessman

A businessman indicted in Hawaii was granted federal probation with the expertise of Richard Kibbey Law.

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