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DUI & DWI Attorney in Stuart, Port St. Lucie and Jupiter

In Florida it is not against the law to drive a motor vehicle after you have consumed alcohol, prescription medication or even illegal drugs. It is, however, illegal if the alcohol, medication or drugs have impaired your ability to think, act or make judgments or drive in a reasonable manner.

   In Stuart, Port St. Lucie, and Jupiter, police rarely give breaks to drivers they believe are impaired. These drivers face an arrest for DUI (driving under the influence) even if a doctor has prescribed the medication which impaired your ability to drive.


Medical marijuana may cause mental or physical impairment to a driver. If it does, that driver can be arrested for DUI.

   A DUI case is a criminal charge and carries with it the potential for a license suspension, money fine and even jail. There are complex administrative and criminal rules regarding a driver arrested on a DUI charge.

Breath test (intoxilyzer test): if a driver refuses a police officer’s request to take this test, the DUI case becomes more serious. If the driver has previously refused to take a breath test, the second refusal can be prosecuted as a separate crime and expose the driver to a potential jail sentence regardless of whether the driver is found guilty of DUI.

If a car accident or injury is involved in a DUI case, the driver may face a felony charge; with exposure to a prison sentence.

As a former prosecutor, Richard Kibbey has prosecuted and successfully defended hundreds of Treasure Coast residents who have faced DUI related charges. Richard knows what facts and defenses are critical to winning these complex cases.

Don’t settle for less; hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer like Richard Kibbey to defend you when you’re in the fight of your life. The attorney you choose can make all the difference!

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