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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Attorney in Stuart, Port St. Lucie and Jupiter

Florida is among the few states that allows marijuana use and possession if it is pursuant to a Florida doctor’s prescription and the patient has been issued a medical marijuana card.

   Not everyone is eligible to receive a medical marijuana card; only those suffering from pre-existing serious medical conditions are eligible. If eligible, your name will be placed on a State registry. If you receive a medical marijuana card from the State of Florida, it entitles you to purchase marijuana products including gummies, brownies, vape products and more, from medical marijuana treatment centers or dispensaries.  If you purchase marijuana from another place or person, it is not considered “medical marijuana” and you may be arrested and prosecuted for possessing it.

   Likewise, if you have a marijuana card from another state, it is not valid to purchase marijuana products from a dispensary in Florida. If you possess marijuana which you obtained from an out-of-state dispensary, it may subject you to arrest and prosecution.

   You are not allowed to give or sell your medical marijuana to others. The laws and regulations governing medical marijuana in Florida are complex and evolving.

   You may wish to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer before purchasing or possessing medical marijuana.

   Richard Kibbey’s 43 years of legal experience both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney can help answer your questions and may protect you from being arrested. Call Richard Kibbey today for your no cost confidential consultation. Put a winning attorney on your side.

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